List Mania: Coming Soon

List Mania Screen ShotFor the last couple of weeks I have been building my first proper Android app with LibGDX: List Mania. You can complete different lists such as: Fifa World Cup Winners or 10 Most Valuable Metals in 5 Different Catagories: Science and Tech, Sport, Culture, Geography and Nature. I hope to release to Google Play in the next couple of days!
List Mania Catagories

My Homework Diary : Cake PHP

Recently I have been looking at MVC and had a look at CakePHP. After a lot of messing around with it, I have decided I am going to write the new version of My Homework Diary with it. It looks very powerful and useful. In just a few hours I already have a lot done. Will give more details and a release date soon!

LibGDX GUI Builder

So for all the time I have been programming, I have really not like making GUIs. In Java’s swing it was okay but there was Window Builder for Eclipse which made life much better.

For a while now I have been using LibGDX but have always programmed my own GUIs directly, just drawing  a texture and using a rectangle to check for clicking. However this is pretty limited, so I decided to check out Scene 2D (I really should have long before) and it is awesome, but there is no GUI Builder, now this is okay, but for something I am making I need literally 100s of different screens and popups. So I decided to build a GUI Builder. It is pretty limited so far and can only add Label and Text Buttons, but I am going to add all the other components and an exporter asap. But for the moment heres a screenshot:Gui Builder


A Month, Wow

Wow, nearly a whole month since I last posted. Lots has happened and I have been very busy at school!

Exams + Holiday in France != Lots of work done

But I still have done a lot, I have done a fair amount of work on myHomeworkDiary, done another website, done a lot of SEO for another website and made an app!

More to come soon!

myHomeworkDiary 2.0?

I have been learning a lot more PHP in the last few months and I have decided to continue the development of!

I am going to rebuild it completely, using a much more object orientated approach. I will reimplement all of the original features and also have lots more planned!

I will let you know more soon!

RPG Update: Villages

Today I have added villages! At the moment there are only houses, but soon there will be shops, inns and others.

You can also go into the building, by walking through the door. At the moment inside the house is empty but a floor and a torch, but soon I will add some furniture and rooms.

Also I am soon going to add mines and dungeons. A key part of the game will be exploring dungeons and defeating bosses, so the dungeons will be very big!

RPG Update: Lights and Pigs

To be honest this image sums up this update perfectly:

I have added torches and can now quickly add other light emitting entities, such as fires, lamps and furnaces!

I have also added animal functionality, so now you can have pigs and soon cows, chickens etc.

Animals will move about it a pretty random patern at the moment, but soon I will add some decent AI.

Next on my todo list is destroyable entities. So you will be able to chop down trees and kill animals, but I will have more details on my next post!

RPG Map Format

So recently I designed a map format for my RPG I am currently making, this is an example:

This loads up 2 chunks (16 x 16) and then fills them with the tile id 1, but lets break that down

This declares a chunk with the coordinates 0,0. Why “~/” ? Well my parser splits the map file with the deliminator of “~” into a string for each chunk. I then use the “/” to know that this part of the chunk data declares the coordinates. It is then a simple matter of extracting the coordinates.

This part tells us that we want 256 tiles (all the tiles in a chunk) to be id 1. We can also do something like this:

This would create 64 tiles id 1, then 64 tiles id 2, then repeat that.

So using this I can easily load up a world of 20 x 20 chunks, or 102,400 tiles very quickly, it also makes saving very easy:

The loading method for each chunk:

Splitting into chunks:

Well that was quite long! The game already has a full entity system, but I have not built a save format for that yet. I will write another post on it some time in the future, but at the moment I am focussing on adding lights to utilise my lighting engine I talked about last post.